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Motorhome replacement rear bumpers, corner bumpers, bumper centre sections, one piece bumpers, side skirts, fairings, shower trays, sinks, exterior trim, custom made parts

Bumper Accident Repairs

We appreciate that accidents can occur when you’re on the road, and at times that it’s not your fault.

Restoration and Repairs

All accident and restoration work is carried out to the uppermost standards by our in-house body shop specialists.


The Marina, The Point, Canvey Island, Essex, SS8 7TJ
Office: 07908 555868
Mobile: 07415 244426
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If your Motorhome has had the misfortune of being in an accident and you think it may be written off or has been,
please give us a call as we can usually repair the worst damage imaginable

Customer Satisfaction

Our Chausson 777GA First Line suffered an injury to its bumper which required replacement of the entire part. Charlie originally advised us it would take 3 weeks but the job was completed in ten days. The cost was half what we were quoted for a bumper from France. Not only that but the quotation was unable to give us a date and we were told it could take 3 months or more.
Very happy with AW Marine and absolutely recommend them for bumper replacement.
– Mike and Belinda (New Zealand)

Happy to have our Bessie back after her recent renovations. She has had new grp skirts and new grp skirts and new storage lockers. Got to say a big thanks to Anton and his dad at AW marine motorhome bumpers who are really friendly people. Now she’s ready for hew next adventure.

– Jean Truswell

I’d like to thank you for the help in this job and say the quality of the work is very good. If we have the need in future you will be first on our list to contact.

– Kevin Wiltshire Body Shop, Colas Limited

Had fibreglass rear bumper made and fitted by these guys, absolutely brilliant job done well pleased, if you need any work on your motorhome new bumpers made fitted or any work, check them out, you wont be disappointed. 5 stars

– Bob Woodrow

My wife and myself took a trip to canvey island to visit a company that specialises in moldings for damaged motorhome panels. I was imediately put at ease by Anton, the owner of aw marine. He and his father removed the damaged parts of my van and made good and secure the skirt and other parts of my van. When i left i felt i had made the best choice to trust aw marine to repair my van.

– N.Walker (Knaus Sun Ti)

Just wanted to express our thanks for such a great service, and fabulous new sink. Very impressed.

– Phil Masters

We have a 2008 Compass Avantgarde 130 bought last year and it developed a crack in the shower tray, apparently not covered under the warranty supplied when purchased. AW Marine, who advertise in the magazine, repairs not just shower trays, but also carries out motorhome repairs in general. A boat builder repairing motor homes seemed a bit incredulous. More to the point, it had the same telephone prefix as our own. An internet search identified not just the address, but that they were literally within walking distance from where we live. A phone call soon established why: they are boat repairers, but recently started to repair motor homes. The family business consists of Anton, Dad Brian and Anton’s wife Mandy. Anton had a look at our problem and immediately suggested a repair. We told Anton the biggest downside to out Avantgarde was no outside storage lockers, nowhere to store wet electric cables, chocks etc. “Can you suggest anything” we asked. “We love a problem and I’m sure we can help,” said Anton. Well, to cut a long story short we now have a storage locker with two doors and a new more robust shower tray. It looks excellent.The bill was less than we expected and the whole family are pleasant and professional to deal with.

-John and Terry Pharro

The bumper is on and is better than the original I’m very pleased, many thanks.

– Regards, Lyndon

An internet search led me to AW Motorhome Replacement Body Panels of Canvey Island, Essex. This company used to manufacture high specification fibreglass boats up to about 20 metres but like many others suffered when Far Eastern and Eastern European companies targeted the UK. They assessed their in-house skills and moved to motorhome repairs.

Anton at AW Motorhome Replacement Body Panels quoted £295 including VAT for a one piece rear bumper and about £100 to fit though would charge less for fitting if it proved to be straight forward. I emailed some photos of the bumper to Anton and he confirmed that he had the mould for my bumper having made one to the same pattern about a year ago. In fact the cost would have been the same if they had needed to make a mould for my bumper. They would have patched up the old damaged bumper to new (visual) specification then made a mould from that then made a new bumper for me. They make no extra charge for this but simply keep the mould for their own subsequent use.

Anton said he would have the bumper made in five days and could fit it the following week – an offer I couldn’t refuse! I arrived at the ex boatyard and Anton and Brian (his father) greeted me and started work straight away. Brian took a diamond cutter to the old bumper, took a grinder to the old retaining bolts and within a few minutes the old bumper was in pieces on the floor. The new bumper was offered up, bolted and sealed in place and the job completed within about 90 minutes. I’d say that the new bumper fits the body work better than the old though Brian pointed out that the large vertical panel on the Palermo was not quite symmetrical – a fault with the mould used by Auto Sleeper’s original suppliers. Brian made a note to adapt his mould to accommodate this in any future bumpers they make!

The final bill was the quoted £295 inc. VAT and LESS than the quoted £100 for fitting. I’m a VERY happy bunny. Whilst I was with Anton and Brian they looked at the bathroom sink for me and quoted £180 inc. VAT plus fitting. They will manufacture the sink (once again from an existing mould they made for an earlier customer) and will fit the sink when I return from Greywell. I’ll post the outcome of that in due course. I have been unable to find any other company able to supply a new sink though there are companies prepared to coat the surface to cover the cracks etc. at about £100. Anton has replaced several shower trays that have been painted in this way but where the customers have been disappointed with the outcome. AW Motorhome Replacement Body Panels charge approximately £20 to create and ship a bumper.

In summary if you have need of a motorhome rebuild (they’ve rebuilt insurance write-offs) or a bumper or a shower tray or a sink or a roof or… anything in plastic or fibreglass then you might find it fruitful to contact AW Motorhome Replacement Body Panels. They can (and have) also manufactured a right-handed part from a supplied left-handed part and vice versa. This might be useful if, for instance, a left hand bumper corner bracket is lost.

Their website can be found here and it’s well worth looking over their gallery to get a feel for what they can do. Ask for Anton.

I emphasis that I have absolutely no business or other financial interest in this company.

– Colin

Dear Anton,
Many thanks for the bumper its perfect! Great job! Excellent turnaround!
King regards, Helen

– Helen, Coachbuilt GB