If your Motorhome has had the misfortune of being in an accident and you think it may be written off or has been,
please give us a call as we can usually repair the worst damage imaginable


Originally a boat building company with 25 staff producing the Broadblue 435 sailing catamarans and the Mitchell range of workboats and cruisers, when orders dropped off in the early stages of the economic crisis we had to downsize our workforce and think of a different way to make ends meet. It was a friend who wanted a written off motorhome repaired that inspired us to go further into the motor caravan parts and repair business.

We are a small family business who caters for a number of well-known motorhome brands, producing rear bumpers, shower trays, one-off custom work and motorhome body panel repairs. Our workshop has 4,000 sq ft of space for the accommodation of any motorhome which needs to be with us for any time.

If we do not stock the bumper or part that is required we ask for the damaged one (in which ever state) to be sent to us so that we can pattern up from it, make a mould tool (FOC service) and produce the new part for the customer.